Our Covid-19 Policy:

Here at Evening Shade Inn, we want to communicate our plans for the health and safety of our guests, our community, and our family.

We are open for lodging 50% of the month. We will be closed the other half for sanitizing and cleaning to prevent the possible spread of Covid-19. Each room will be closed at a minimum of 36 hours between each reservation.

We are also practicing additional precautions and will stay informed of all recommendations made by the governor and the CDC. We are a family-owned business and are the only people who work here. Therefore, we can personally guarantee that your room has been cleaned and sanitized thoroughly between each guest using both an ozone machine and an ionizing machine. We also include the cleaning of doorknobs, remote controls, surfaces, faucets, and switches. We use gloves when we clean. They are always new gloves, never reused. All our linens are changed, washed, and stored in bags between uses. We will take every effort to remain informed and keep our reputation as a “military clean” lodging option.

We are also incredibly fortunate as to have a property that is in Eureka Springs city limits while still sitting on 10 wooded acres. People often talk about how secluded they feel staying here. While being close enough to access your needs, there is plenty of space here. None of our rooms share hallways or indoor spaces. They all have doors that open directly to the outside and they have plenty of space from the next units. We also only have 8 units total. This minimizes contact with other visitors. Our units are all in detached buildings and we even have 2 cottages that are not near any other rooms.

Evening Shade Inn always delivers breakfast to your door. Currently, breakfast will be delivered in to go packaging instead of in our usual basket delivery. We realize that this is less attractive, but will minimize contact for all of us. You have a dining table in every suite and cottage, a mini fridge, and a microwave. We will not be reentering your guestroom during your stay to minimize contact even further. There will not be daily cleaning service. We are happy to refill anything that needs to be replenished during your stay.

This is a tough time for everyone. We want people to stay healthy but also hope to put your fears at ease. We will do everything in our power to continue providing the best lodging experience while protecting our community’s health and welfare. You may call us anytime to ask questions and we will be happy to help.

Thank you for your patronage,
Shawn and Shira Fouste
Owners and Innkeepers
Evening Shade Inn